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FSC - Forests for all, forever.

FSC - Forests for all, forever.

At Tretorn, sustainability is one of our top priorities, and we constantly strive to make a positive impact on the environment. Over the years, we have continuously developed our products and improved our manufacturing processes to reduce our carbon footprint. An important step in this effort is our collaboration with FSC certification. 

What is FSC?
FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international organization working to promote sustainable forestry and preserve forest environments. They issue certificates for products that come from forests managed in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable manner. 

FSC certification means that the product has been produced with respect for the forest ecosystem and consideration for the people and communities dependent on the forest. This includes avoiding excessive logging, protecting endangered species, and respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities.
By choosing FSC-certified products, consumers can contribute to preserving forests and promoting a more sustainable use of forest natural resources. 

How can rubber boots obtain FSC certification?
For rubber boots to obtain FSC certification, the company manufacturing them must adhere to FSC's standards and guidelines for sustainable forestry and forest management. Here are the basic steps that must be followed: 

1. Forest Management: The company must ensure that the rubber used in the boots comes from forests managed according to FSC's principles of responsible forest management. This means that the forest is not overexploited, biodiversity is protected, and people dependent on the forest are respected.

2. Traceability: It is important to trace the origin of the rubber used. This means the company must have a system in place to identify which forests the rubber comes from and that these forests are FSC certified.

3. FSC Certification: The company must undergo an audit and certification by an independent third party to ensure that their forest management and supply chain meet FSC's standards. 

What is natural rubber?
Natural rubber is a renewable natural material that is a liquid extracted from rubber trees, typically the Hevea tree. It is the latex collected through cuts or incisions in the tree trunk and is the primary component of rubber. Tretorn uses natural rubber to manufacture rubber boots and waterproof shoes. 

The advantage of using natural rubber in the production of rubber boots is primarily because it is a renewable natural material. Natural rubber as a material is biodegradable and has a smaller environmental footprint compared to some synthetic materials. 

Other benefits include natural rubber's durability and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand frequent use and tough conditions, making it ideal for rubber boots. The material is also flexible, making the boots comfortable to wear and move in.