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Care advice for our shoes

For our shoes should deliver the longevity they are designed for, it´s important to take care of them. Different shoes have different properties and with that comes care instructions for individual material. With proper care, the quality is maintained, and the shoes get a longer durability.

Care advice – rubber boots

Our rubber boots are a craft that needs to be taken care if you want them to last longevity. All our rubber boots are made with natural rubber without PVC, phthalates and hydrofluorocarbons. When the rubber boots are factory new, they are covered with an invisible protective film that disappears in the process of use. Without the protective membrane, the boots are vulnerable to sunlight, and this increases the risk that they can crack. Therefor it´s important to continuously apply a  ̈rubber conditioner ¨ to regain the protective layer.

For the boots to maintain a good condition, you should regularly wash them in lukewarm water with soap containing glycerin or bile soap. Remember to always wipe the boots and brush off the dirt in the stitches after use. When the shoes are dry and clean, we recommend applying a silicone-based solvent with a dry cloth. It gives the shoes a shiny new look for the long forest walks as well as the city walk.

It's important to store your boots correctly when you don´t use them. Natural rubber don´t like large temperature shifts. Avoid cold spaces and direct contact with sunlight. The best way to store them is in a dry and dark place in room temperature.
Keep in mind that you should never dry your wet rubber boots at an element or drying cabinet. It dries out the rubber and the material may crack.

Care advice – Hybrid shoes

Our hybrid shoes are a waterproof shoe with the same function as a rubber boot, but with the look of a regular everyday shoe. You don´t need to impregnate them before use, since the neoprene and rubber in the hybrid shoe are waterproof in themselves. Hybrid shoes should be cleaned by hand washing in lukewarm water with a soft sponge or cloth. Don´t use strong detergents or anything that contains oil or acid.

When using the shoes can condensation form inside and causing the lining to become damp. All our hybrid shoes have a removable insole so you can take out the insole for airing and let the shoe dry without the sole until the next use.

Care advice – sneakers

Canvas sneakers are made of a durable fabric called ¨Canvas¨. The fabric gives the shoes good adaptability and many treatment options. You should impregnate the shoes before use to avoid dirt and stains. The best way to wash your canvas shoes is by hand. Use a soft brush and mild soap or detergent, to scrub away the dirt from the shoe. We don´t recommend to wash your canvas sneakers in the washing machine. There is a risk that the glue will come off and the shoes white parts will instead turn yellow. If you consider that you need to wash your shoes in the machine, then you should do it on low heat and in a laundry bag. Canvas shoes that can be washed in a machine without risk have a clear instruction in the shoe.

Suede and leather sneakers should also be impregnated before use. Suede is a more difficult care material than leather since it doesn’t tolerate water. The best way to keep your suede shoes clean and in good condition is to brush off the dirt immediately after use.
When you should clean your leather shoes, you can easily wipe the dirt from the shoes with a damp cloth. After that, you can polish your shoes with shoe polish for extra protection and shine during your everyday walks.