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Viktoria Bassani

Viktoria Bassani

Viktoria Bassani, known as the "Bidrottningen" which translates to the Queen Bee of Vellinge Väster, is a renowned beekeeper and honey specialist. Her interest in flavors and aromas led her to study at an agricultural university in Australia, where she first discovered the diversity of honey. Despite a long career in management consulting, Viktoria always longed for nature, which eventually drove her to beekeeping.

When Viktoria started beekeeping, she encountered a male-dominated industry. Her solution-oriented mindset helped her overcome these obstacles, even though it required perseverance and determination to succeed as a woman with ambitions in this sector.

Viktoria has organically built her company, Amber Honey, with great respect for the bees. For her, it is important that the bees have enough honey for themselves. Her goal is to improve their living conditions and create high-quality honey.

"If the bees suffer, I suffer too. An important lesson I have learned over the years is to listen to the bees and their needs."

Her advice to others who want to pursue their dreams is to find motivation within themselves and always strive for quality in their efforts.

In ten years, Viktoria hopes to focus on the Nordic Honey Academy, where she can help others create high-quality honey and become part of the beekeeping community.

Through her work, Viktoria has gained beekeeping colleagues around the world. She recently visited Santiago, Chile, and discovered that the love of beekeeping transcends language barriers. This international exchange of experiences is something she values highly.

Since 2005, Viktoria has been running Amber Honey, a company that produces honey with its own hives placed in carefully selected locations along the southwest coast of Sweden. With around three to six million bees in her hives, Amber Honey focuses on producing high-quality honey under its own brand.

Viktoria Bassani is a living example of how passion and determination can lead to success and sustainability in the world of beekeeping.