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Operation: Save the bees

Operation: Save the bees

Support Tretorn and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Operation Save the Bees!

For our SS24 collection, we at Tretorn have looked back to see where we come from and to rediscover some of our most iconic products. Instead of creating something new, we have invested love and care into upgrading and improving our previous creations. The result? A collection that we have named based on the emotions it evokes - Good Vibes. Not only do the products protect against the elements with style, but they also bring us closer to nature than ever before. With a focus on sustainable materials and features, we have aimed to create garments that are not only trendy but also enable you as a consumer to make conscious choices.

We have also looked around and thought about how we can further improve our sustainability efforts. Therefore, we have chosen to become a supporting company for Operation Save the Bees, an initiative by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Why bees, you may ask? One-third of Sweden's wild bee species are on the verge of extinction, which is a serious threat to our food supply and ecosystems, as bees pollinate about one-third of the food we eat. Chemical pesticides, food shortages, and climate change are the biggest threats to bees and their survival.

We have chosen to start a fundraiser to help the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in their work. The donations collected will go towards driving larger investments in organic farming and working with municipalities to take initiatives that benefit bees. But also to increase public understanding of bees and their important role in the ecosystem.

So what can you do to be part of the change? One step in the right direction is to make conscious choices when you shop. Small changes in your everyday life, such as reducing single-use plastics, choosing organic foods, or supporting local beekeepers, can lead to significant changes in the long run. Finally, you are welcome to be a part of our fundraiser in collaboration with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, where all money goes towards supporting and benefiting beekeepers in Sweden.

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