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Scandinavian nature has a lot to offer. This fall, the three Swedish friends Elias, Kristoffer, and Astor chose to discover Norwegian wildlife. They headed towards the deep blue fjords to capture the magic on camera, dressed in the Tretorn X Makia collection from head to toe.

“This trip was completely magical. Once you pass Oslo, you can see how the landscape starts to slowly change shape. We drove down these serpentine roads, seeing all types of landscapes passing by. From raging streams, half covered in ice, and panoramic views of autumn-covered forests, to fjords surrounded by meters of snow and mountains that rise high up among the clouds. It’s so beautiful you don’t believe your eyes, and you constantly get surprised by the nature around you”.

One of their goals with the trip was to capture this magical experience on camera. They were equipped with drones, camcorders, and cameras to do so.

“We wanted to capture the contrasts between high mountains and deep valleys. The still, shiny lakes and the frozen waterfalls. The red, yellow and orange colours of the trees and the black and white scenery up in the mountains where all you see is snow and mountain peaks”.

But despite the beautiful surrounding, the weather was still a concern for the group.

“The Swedish saying ‘there is no bad weather, only bad clothing’ goes without saying. We would lie if we were to say that we didn’t worry about the weather. There were only a few degrees above zero, and the weather forecasts showed heavy rainfalls. But Tretorn saved us!”

Elias, Kristoffer, and Astor were dressed from head to toe in items from the Tretorn x Makia collection, with a focus on peace and sustainability. They wore rubber boots, rain jackets, hoodies, and knits. The knits (beanie, scarf, and knit) are made from 100% Merino Wool, and the rain jackets are made from waterproof PU free of PVC and fluorocarbons, and the backing is 100% recycled polyester.

“I really liked the rubber boots! It was so practical to wear boots that I could wear in all the different environments we experienced. I stayed dry all the time, no matter if I was walking in snow or standing in the middle of a steaming river” says Elias.

Kristoffer, on the other hand, found a favourite in the Tretorn x Makia blocked rain jacket.

“I loved how the colourful blocks stood in contrast to the raw surrounding. Thanks to the fit, I felt dressed and stylish even though I was wearing a rain jacket — which I haven’t experienced in my previous rainwear. This jacket was without a doubt my favourite”.

“I basically lived in my hoodie the entire trip; during the long car rides and in the cold nights sleeping in a tent. The quality was amazing, and I really liked the clean print and the marine colour” Astor says.

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