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Thijs Roper

Thijs Roper

We are happy to introduce you to one of our Tretorn Sport Ambassadors - Thijs Roper!

Roper is an 18-year-old padel player living in Maarn, a town close to the vibrant city of Utrecht in Holland.
Four years ago, in 2019, Roper embarked his padel journey thanks to his local tennis club, which was among the first in Holland to introduce padel courts. What drew Roper to the sport was the constant action in the sport, and that padel is more social than tennis or other sports he’s tried.

We have asked Roper some questions about him, his career, and of course, what he thinks about our new rackets!

What are your most memorable moments or achievements in your padel career so far?
I have two - the first one is being in the youth and men's National team at the same time. The second one is reaching the top 400 on the world FIP (International Padel Federation) ranking.

Which racket have you chosen to play with in 2023, and why?
I have chosen to play with the Champion Strike Racket. I have a pretty aggressive playing style, and the Champion Strike gives me a great balance between power and control. Also, I really like the high sweetspot that is needed for my playing style.

What are your goals for your padel career in the short and long term?
My short term goals are that within a year be top 250 in the world. My second short term goal is to compete in the European- and World Championships.

When it comes to long term goals I really want to reach top 50 in the world. Also, it's a big dream of mine to play in the Olympics - if the sport can reach that stage.

Who are your favorite padel players, and what inspires you the most about their playing style?
My favorite player is Lucas Campagnolo due to his incredible energy and passion on court which really inspires me to get better and better.

If you could give one crucial piece of advice to a beginner looking to improve their padel game, what would it be
Spend as many hours as possible on the court, and enjoy every progress you make.